MaKeBe Stirrups "Wave Jump"






The Wave stirrup is the pinnacle of the technical collection and we think the best stirrup on the market.


This stirrup has 3 unique features:


- The angle of the foot bench, allowing the heel to naturally drop rather than have to be pushed down. Complete with and easy to clean innovative grip plate.


- The position of the stirrup arc is set further forward, assisting the rider to maintain a better balance point and to encourage the stirrup leather to stay at a consistent vertical position. 


- The wave stirrup is made of a unique aluminium, allowing it to have an excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. It is also exceptionally light weighing only 320 grams. 


Most riders experience an improved lower leg position and over all balance as well as an improved ability to maintain their stirrup position.


Available in 9 colors: silver l red l blue l champagne l brown l black l bordeaux l rose l green









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